The leading provider of innovation in Work, Health and Sporting Wear.

Founded in 2007, with an office in Toronto, Montreal, and Shanghai, we strive to build a culture of innovation to provide the most durable work and sportswear our customer will recognize worldwide.



Who We Are

In any business or company, reputation is important. IMAGE matters. Employees and staff should always look their best, not just the facility. Here at Kis Holding Inc., we help you attain a great image by providing high-quality uniforms for your employees. We currently have two wholesale lines available: Orange River (OR) and CIRCA for Canadian retailers. So, if you own a dental or spa clinics, we provide uniforms for your employees. We are also offering work wear for rough working conditions such as construction workers among others.

To complete your employees' looks, we also provide high-quality shoes for both lines that are designed specifically for the type of job they will be doing. Not only will your employees or staff be professional in terms of uniform, they will also feel comfortable as they work! If you are interested in our products, you can avail them in major retailers in Toronto and Quebec. We also supply both service-driven Small Run and price-driven Large Run orders. Make sure you contact us today if you want your employees or staff to have an improved appearance and performance!