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Young asian construction workers in safety helmet ,isolated on blue background .

Uniform Companies & How They Can Benefit from High Construction Demand

It is a known fact that construction workers are an essential part of a nation’s backbone. They might not have the most glamorous tasks everyday, but they are no less essential to the development of the modern world. Due to Learn More

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Row of men's suits hanging on the rack in one line

Set Your Business Apart from Your Competitors

In order to succeed in today’s highly competitive economy, companies and businesses have to stand out from the competition. Consumers today have greater choices than ever, and just being average just will not cut it anymore.   Half of new Learn More

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surgeon standing with arms fold across chest

Boosting Employees’ Morale – Why is This a Must?

No employee wants to stay in a job that they do not enjoy; do you agree? It is difficult to work hard for a company or business that you do not connect with or believe in, let alone to put Learn More

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Smiling woman waitting for customers

Choose the Best Uniform Company with These Tips

In any industry, businesses often invest in uniforms for their employees for various reasons. In addition to increasing quality of customer service and assisting with brand recognition, uniforms also help distinguish employees from customers and it also helps create even Learn More

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Collage of people in different occupations standing against white background

Building a Company Culture: Wearing of Uniforms

Successful business owners, or anyone who is successful in business, know that creating an excellent company culture is one of the most important foundations for success. For one, it helps increase morale, productivity, and customer satisfaction. However, it can be Learn More

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Designer using graphics tablet in the office

What Colour Best Represents Your Brand? PART 1

Are you considering having a new staff uniform, but you are unsure of what colour you should go for? Does your business have the best use of company brand and uniform colours?   For any business or industry, picking a Learn More

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Tailors office

Custom Logo-Branded Uniforms: Why are They Important?

It does not matter what kind of industry you are in – having the right apparel with your custom brand is an essential part of your marketing approach that can impact your bottom line positively. How can this be done? Learn More

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Smiling beauty therapist standing beside massage towel at the spa

Choosing the Best Uniforms for Your Business

Having your employees wear uniforms is a great way to ensure that they look polished and professional around the clock. Here at KIS Pacific, we are proud to offer a wide array of uniforms to suit different work environments and Learn More

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young indian porter service in luxury hotel lobby

Employee Uniforms and How They Can Decrease Workplace Incidents

Incidents at the workplace can occur for various reasons. One of the best ways you can prevent such incidents is by stressing the importance of wearing employee uniforms. A uniform can vary from a hardhat and a yellow safety vest Learn More

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Woman beautician doctor with patient in spa wellness center. Portrait of a young female professional cosmetologist make head massage to beautiful brunette girl in cosmetology cabinet or beauty parlor.

The Link Between Workwear and Productivity

You might have noticed a growing trend, especially amongst technology companies, wherein they relax the dress code and allow employees to wear more casual workwear. Does allowing your workforce, however, to wear more relaxed, casual clothing result to a more Learn More

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