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Building a Company Culture: Wearing of Uniforms

Successful business owners, or anyone who is successful in business, know that creating an excellent company culture is one of the most important foundations for success. For one, it helps increase morale, productivity, and customer satisfaction. However, it can be a bit challenging to build up a company culture from scratch. While it may seem like culture springs forth spontaneously, the truth is, you can actually take steps that will guide your company culture in the right direction. A great and solid culture exists when employees attach themselves to the brand. Thus, launching new branded uniforms can definitely be a helpful tool for building an awesome company culture.


Here are the reasons why:



Anyone who has ever worn a fancy dress or a tuxedo knows the psychological effect that a piece of clothing can have on a person. It is almost as though you are instantly transformed into a different persona! Work uniforms actually have a similar function, although in a subtler manner. Studies have clearly shown that employees who enjoy wearing their company uniforms tend to have better attitudes as a well a better sense of satisfaction with their jobs. This ultimately results in higher levels of productivity. This kind of attitude is also highly contagious, creating a snowball effect amongst your employees, and in turn, leads to a greater company culture!



You have to keep in mind that uniforms need to be highly functional, while at the same time looking good, in order to create a great company culture with them. Bright colours and garish designs may also be a fun idea, but there are some self-conscious employees that might not be so fond of them. So, when you are going over the different styles of uniforms, it is best to include the input of your employees. This can be done through the use of surveys or comment boxes. You have to consider the fact that they will be the ones who will be wearing them on a daily basis, so this is essential. In addition to that, when you include your employees into the decision-making process, you will make them feel more invested in the decision and that they are more involved with the internal workings of your brand. This will only lead them to have a greater feeling of satisfaction, more attachment to the brand, as well as positively contribute to your company culture.



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