How to Choose the Right Work & Sporting Wear

Anyone who works hard deserves workwear that works hard, too. Choosing the right kind of workwear comes down to several things: material, season, and work guidelines. No matter what your line of work is, at least one of these things will be a factor when choosing the right kind of workwear. Here at KIS Pacific, we provide high-quality men and women’s workwear and footwear under brand name of  “Orange River” and “Cira”.


#01. Comfort

Here at KIS Pacific, our unique STRETCHY polyester cotton blended fabric provides our customer the upmost comfort. For the first time in men’s workwear pants, cargo pants, this type of fabric brings ultimate comfort, strength and protection to our clients as they work.

#02. Endurance

Workwear should withstand tough conditions. Workwear made from Synthetic and Cotton blended fabric brings the ultimate strength of synthetic fibre for the garments without sacrificing the natural softness of cotton. KIS Pacific carefully chooses the perfect percentage of the fibre contents which bring the unique endurance and style for our “Orange River” and “Cira” work and sporting wear series.

#03. Easy-Care Features

Easy-Care workwear will have any of these features: wrinkle-free, water repellant, stain and oil-resistance. Clients should choose and feature most fit into their need.

Wrinkle-free will have your garment look fresh all the time, so it is great uniforms.

Water Repellant helps prevent water from getting through, so you are in an industry or if you are involved in activities that gets you wet (ice fishing), then you should go for this feature.

Stain and Oil-resistance keeps your garment clean and less laundry hassle.

Our “Orange River” and “Cira” work sporting wear and uniforms have all the above featured items for you to choose.

#4. Fleece & Quilt Lining

This type of workwear lets you have the ruggedness of workwear and jeans, and at the same time, the warmth of fleece. If you are working outdoors in harsh conditions, then fleece-lined work wear and jeans are perfect for you. Quilt-lined jackets, on the other hand, provide warmth without having to deal with the bulk of thick materials.

Oranger River work wear and work jeans have high filament count polar fleece as lining, which bring the warmth, breath and endurance for our garment.

Work Guidelines & Safety

When it comes to standards or guidelines for any company’s workers in terms of clothing, one of the most common standards relates to high-visibility clothing. This type of clothing is typically worn by highway workers, construction workers, and more. There are different jobs that require varying amounts of high-visibility clothing – some require merely a high-visibility vest, while others require pants with a shirt or jacket.

Work Gloves

A sturdy, reliable pair of work gloves also help in protecting your hands on the job. You would want to have gloves that fit securely and snug, but something that will still give you mobility. When it comes to finding the best work gloves, this also depends on finding the best material for the job.


Our high-quality Cira uniforms that are made of easy-care, stain-resistant, and wrinkle-free fabric that helps bring a fresh look to your employees for everyday work!

If you want to know more about the products we carry, make sure to give us a call today or visit our website! 

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