What is private label?

We provided the product under other company’s brand name. The benefits of using us for private label products are:

  • We have solid experiences (over 20 years) in fabric and garment production process in China.
  • We can handle small to large runs since we have different types of factories who have been working with us for years.
  • We have an office in Canada and customers could communicate with us more easily.
  • Our factories are suppliers of Zara, Guess, Chicos, Laura, Lulu Lemon.

How does it work?

Private label customers will give us their designs (sketches, fabric concept, trims idea, color trend, size chart and sometimes samples).
We will conduct a research in China and present the counter samples with fabric/trim/colour ideas they want, and make sure the products is within their wholesale price range.

Once the prototype samples are confirmed, we will make the salesman samples for them. Customers will use the salesman samples to attend the trade-show or fashion-show or through their sales reps to present to their retailer customers, then the orders will be collected.

Orders will be placed to us for the bulk production. Then we will go through fabric/trim production, fitting samples, pre-production sample confirmation, production, shipping sample confirmation, shipping. Customers got the goods and wholesale to retailers, then to consumers.

Production Turnaround Times

Prototype samples: 2-3 weeks
Salesman samples: 4-5 weeks
Fabric Production: 4-6weeks
Trim production: 2-3 weeks
Garment Production: 4-6weeks