What is the difference between your products and other wholesalers?

For the first time in men’s workwear Jeans, Pants and Cargo Pants market, we introduced “Stretch Fabric” which brings our customer ultimate comfort, protection and strength when they work.

Our Cira Uniforms are made of wrinkle-free, easy-care and stain-resistant fabric which brings you the fresh look for everyday work.

Why are your prices competitive?

We have a vertical operation from fabric development to wholesale. There are no middle layers in between.

Do you have a warehouse in Canada?

Yes, we have our warehouse in Montreal, Canada.

How do you maintain your inventory?

We have cloud-based warehouse management system which automatically shows the inventory level of each style. When the inventory level goes to reorder level, our production will get the notice and arrange the production with all the material in stock. You will always have your goods when your re-order.

Can we order online?

Yes, you have to be a retailer and open the account with us. We will set up the account in our cloud base online order system.

Can we see the inventory level online?

Yes, once we set up the account for you, you could log in and see our inventory of each SKU.

How do you stand behind your quality?

We are proud of our quality which makes us stand in the market for over 10 years. Besides that, since we are a vertical operation, we have our in-house Quebec conducting an inspection on all the procedures from fabric to garment production which differs us from trading companies or wholesalers, by counting on the third party.

How long does it take for me to get an order?

Orders placed before 12pm will be shipped out the same day, otherwise will be the next day. We are using Purolator. Usually, it takes about 1-3 business days to reach you.