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The Link Between Workwear and Productivity

You might have noticed a growing trend, especially amongst technology companies, wherein they relax the dress code and allow employees to wear more casual workwear. Does allowing your workforce, however, to wear more relaxed, casual clothing result to a more relaxed, casual attire when they are at work, too? Some people think so.


A recent study done by the University of Hertfordshire suggests that employees who wear more casual clothes to work might find it difficult to differentiate between their “work selves” and “weekend selves”, which can impact their productivity and ability to focus while they are working. This is an interesting way of looking at the link between workwear and productivity. The study also showed that this can work the other way around, with your employees feeling more stressed outside of work as they feel that they are still in their work clothes.


These studies, though, are not scientifically proven, and there are many people on the other side of the argument that are saying casual clothing in the office lets employees feel more comfortable and confident, thus leading to increased productivity. This view appears to be shared by huge companies like Facebook, with its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, insisting on wearing casual clothes on a daily basis as it lets him focus on more important decisions.


However, some business owners and employees argue that neither smart nor casual dress codes have any impact on their productivity whatsoever. Many strongly believe that a happy workforce leads to increased productivity, and that their workwear does not have anything to do with their performance.


To conclude, there is no real evidence that suggests that there is an actual link between productivity and workwear, and whether it is best to wear smart or casual to work. It generally boils down to the individuals, and as a company, you have to decide which workwear or dress code will best suit your workforce and your company in general. You, as a business owner or manager, will have to decide if your company or business can pull off casual attire for employees, or if you need a rather more traditional idea of smart and professional.


Whatever your decision you will have, what you need to focus on is to have a happy workforce, as it seems to be the one thing that people agree on with regards to improving productivity.



However, let us emphasize that there are certain industries and businesses wherein employees are much better off with assigned uniforms. For instance, those employees who are working in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, dental clinics, hospitals, spas, and construction sites, should be required with the appropriate workwear.


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